Up Up Down Down Left WRITE — available now

by Dan on August 5, 2013

Nathan Meunier‘s Up Up Down Down Left WRITE comes out today. Nathan has freelanced for more than 30 major gaming outlets over the years, and his book focuses specifically on the full-time freelance career path. Nathan goes further into how to sustain yourself as a business than I did in Critical Path. For instance, I didn’t even cover the realities of self-employment taxes or anything like that; I focused more on the hows and whys of the writing itself. Nathan covers that too, of course, but I think his insight into how to pay the rent at the same time will be particularly valuable. If you are thinking of going full-time freelance, I would recommend reading this before you do. Plus, the book’s foreword is written by my ex-boss and my brother from another mother, Andy Eddy.

Hey, it sure can’t hurt to have more advice from people who have been where you want to be. It’s out now for Kindle as well as print, and a sample chapter is here if you want a taste.

Congratulations on the launch, Nathan! Now let’s team up and write a book about how to write a book about getting a job writing about videogames!

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