Rare evidence of a modern TK mistake

by Dan on September 3, 2012

If you’ve read the book, you may recall me discussing the magazine shorthand “TK” as placeholder text for something that is “to come” in the production of that article. (It’s page 79 of the book if you wanna go check it out.) Kat was flipping through the September 2012 issue of O — Oprah Winfrey’s monthly magazine — when she spotted this high-profile mistake on page 169:

Clearly there was one more step to be done with this photo, and that was to put in different text into the screen of the Blackberry before the page shipped to production/the printer. Somehow the editors missed it and it went out this way (at least in the digital edition).

So, two things to remember: You can never check your work too many times before the deadline, and yes, TK really is a thing. (BTW, I always answer phone calls with emails. I’m a rude guy, I guess.)

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