Media: Curled Up review

by Dan on May 24, 2012

Very thoughtful review over at Curled Up With a Good Book which raises two points I’d like to clarify. One, I did actually wrestle with the tone of voice in the book — should my advice be phrased as “this is what I used to do” or “this is what I do?” I asked my edit team and they all voted that it should be in current tense. I agreed, because I felt it was more authoritative, but I also still review non-videogame things like music software. And I still feel like a reviewer; in my head, it’s what I still do, even though my current gig is different. Fifteen years is still 15 years, and I don’t know that the meter is never going to run again, you know?

The other note is that the screens on the screenshot chapter don’t look good on Kindle. Well, they don’t if you look at a grayscale Kindle, just like screens don’t look good in newspapers. I considered offering a color PDF of that chapter to anyone who asked for it, but then I realized that the Kindle file itself is still in color — those screens look fine when viewed on Kindle Fire, Kindle for iPad, Kindle for PC, Kindle for Android, Kindle for Mac — you get the idea. Those viewers are all free, so it’s just a matter of downloading the free reader and the book file to the alternate device you own. If nothing else, PC and Mac seem like the great equalizers here. Also, nobody has asked for the color PDF yet. 🙂

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