Two out of three ain’t bad

by Dan on February 18, 2012

The release date is just a few days away. Kindle is ready to go. Print paperback is ready to go. The iBook…was submitted first and still has not passed Apple’s approval process. No indication was given regarding how long it would take to be approved; I figured a week at the worst, but now I’m seeing stories from other authors and self-publishers who say they’ve waited two weeks with no . With the holiday weekend, I now do not think the iBook edition will be on sale in time for Tuesday.

I’m a little bummed because I wanted that big three-format attack on the same day, but Apple’s loss is Amazon’s gain, since Kindle books run on iPad and everything else. Also, I think the Kindle will be available in more European territories at the start, since it was crazy easy to tell Amazon to make it available everywhere.

While I wait, I’m playing games. SWTOR and Twisted Metal await!

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