Something old, something new

by Dan on February 4, 2012

Hit a few key milestones. I’ve gotten confirmation that Critical Path will be available for sale in the iTunes store as an iBook. This is awesome, as I really think the iBook and Kindle editions will be the ones people want more than the print ones. Kat has formatted the MS Word document so it can be easily simplified for Kindle use, but will easily import into InDesign for print and PDF-based editions. I just need to finish my final read. I’m doing it on paper, which is the first time I’ve read a printout of the book in about five years. I’m finding different things that I want to tweak and change this way; text just looks different when formatted, and the medium is the message.

The irony of doing a hardcopy edit while getting approved for the digital editions is not lost on me.

There are still a few more elements that need to come in at the wire, but I think we’re in good shape, and I like what I’m reading, now that it’s been polished and properly edited.

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