Six guineas, ten loonies, or a blue tongue

by Dan on February 14, 2012

As I mentioned, the US digital editions of the book will be $9.99. Last night we uploaded the iBook and I forgot that I would have to set international prices as well for English-speaking territories like Canada, Australia, Ireland, and the UK. Since the exchange rates are very nearly 1:1 in Canada and Australia, folks there will be able to get the iBook for $9.99 in their respective local dollars (CAD and AUD). After crunching the latest exchange rates, I set the UK price at £6.49 GBP and Europe & Ireland at €8.69 EUR. I didn’t want to do that blanket pricing thing that often pisses people off; I was just trying to factor in local taxes and keep my profit margins in the same ballpark.

I only have the iBook for sale in those five countries, but if there is enough interest, I think it’s easy enough to add territories. I expect I will be able to set up Kindle internationally as well, but that file is going to be the last one finished, so I won’t know until I actually upload the files.

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