Print is done (but not dead)

by Dan on February 10, 2012

The paperback edition of the book is now complete, except for the back cover. This week I got the final bits I needed, including Cliff’s foreword which…well, it’s perfect. It’s exactly what I was hoping it might be. I’d asked him to write a back page column for OXM several times and he always politely declined, so I feel very honored that he was willing to write this for my project.

Kat has completed the print layout, and now we’re formatting the digital versions to make sure they look spiffy on your Kindle or iPad. There was a fair amount of massage to the print so it would be comfortable to read — little things like making sure the text breaks cleanly — so now we have to undo those minor issues to make sure it doesn’t look broken on digital editions. But it’s nice to know that the text is now done done done and I can’t change it any more. It’s a relief as much of a concern.

Now I need to write a press release and start prepping my begs to the media to see if they would like to cover it.

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