Nook, Google, and Amazon updates

by Dan on February 22, 2012

I had several requests from people asking if Critical Path would be available for the Nook. I totally admit to taking a wait-and-see approach, since I’d expected most of the digital sales to come from Kindle. And they have, so far. But enough people asked, so no sweat — I also made the book available on Nook for my standard $9.99 digital price. It was easy; it went through about as fast as the Kindle approval process.

I’m also happy to say that Amazon is now listing the paperback as well as Kindle version. I knew it would take a few days after I approved the CreateSpace edition. Truth be told, I actually make a significant amount more from the CreateSpace version, but that’s more hassle — hell, I do all my book shopping on Amazon too — so if you want the print edition and prefer to do it via 1-Click with free Prime shipping, I’m still going to thank you for buying the book!

Apple, however, is still sitting on the iBook version. On a technical level, it is the same file as the Nook, so I guess they either have a more rigorous approval process or a much larger backlog. Either way, I am sort of sitting and waiting on that one, but I will let the world know when it’s live on the iTunes Store.

Also, for you Android owners, I am in the process of getting Critical Path on Google eBooks as well. Don’t know how long that will take but I think anybody who ignores Google does so at their own peril…!

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