Media: Escapist, Game Informer & OXM

by Dan on February 24, 2012

The Escapist did a nice overview to let people know about the book. This actually turned into other media interviews because people saw this story first, so that was great. They even noted that I’ll be at PAX East in April on a panel with Susan Arendt. Totally true! I hope to see you there because PAX is epic.

Had a great time talking with Matt and Phil at Game Informer on their weekly podcast. That discussion is a bit different because they get asked “how do I get your job” every damned day, so I hope the book helps them out in some way.

And of course, I had to call in a favor to Ryan and Andy and asked if I could return to KOXM this week. They let me plug the book relentlessly and then I sat in for the whole show. Just like old times.

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