Kindle + autograph = Kindlegraph! I’ll sign your ebook!

by Dan on February 28, 2012

How awesome is this? Several people have said they bought the print edition of Critical Path because they wanted to have it signed; that’s the one bummer about ebooks, is there’s no way to respect that personal tradition.

Or is there? ThrowTheGnome let me know about Kindlegraph, which lets ebook authors sign personal autographs to readers & fans, which they can then store as a file on their Kindle. And it’s free, which is definitely the right price.

I am overjoyed to sign Kindlegraphs for anybody who wants them. Just go here and request one, or use the widget below:

At PAX, I will still bring postcards to sign for anybody who prefers a physical signature, or anybody who owns the book in another electronic format. But it looks like the creator of Kindlegraph has plans to expand to other formats as well…

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