It’s really done

by Dan on February 16, 2012

I have submitted the final files to Amazon, Apple, and CreateSpace. They all will take different amounts of time to process, but it’s as harrowing as it is comforting to know there is no going back.

I sent out a letter to several members of the press and some of the reactions were strongly positive. The rest either went to people who didn’t feel it was newsworthy, or my emails may have been trapped by spam filters. Still, I think there will be enough people who talk about it that the core gamer I’m trying to reach will likely hear about it.

We’re coming up on a long weekend so I intend to relax over the three days — as much as I can, anyway. It’s exciting to be this close so I’m still going to be somewhat distracted, but I think several hours of SWTOR, MW3, and Twisted Metal will act as excellent diversions!

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