iBook is up — but one thing you NEED to do

by Dan on March 19, 2012

Huzzah! Critical Path is finally available via iTunes as an iBook! iAmHappyToFinallySeeIt, since I submitted it on February 13.

However, one thing freaked me out. We keep seeing the headline for each chapter showing up with full justification in iBooks, when the book’s style file says it should not. Turns out that iBooks is overruling that with its own dumb default — it sets full justification and auto-hyphenation to ON, globally. If you check your Settings (the silver gear icon) you will find this under the Apps header:

Please set these to OFF and the book will flow as designed.

I can’t figure out why Apple overrides the ebook’s standard instructions. This is like buying a color TV, all of which use the same technology, excecpt Samsung decides that all red should be fuschia and all black should be navy blue. Crazy!

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