Critical Path t-shirts — at cost!

by Dan on March 2, 2012

Yeah, they exist. I wanted one that I could wear to PAX and stuff like that, so Kat came up with a few designs and we put them on Spreadshirt. We are not making any money from the shirts; they are listed at the lowest possible price for the heavyweight shirts, with no profit margin at all, just because…well, a heavyweight shirt is what I wanted, and we made them for ourselves more than anything. There are two designs because I liked one and Kat liked the other. But if you want either one, you can get one. The URL for this site does appear on the front design (but it’s very subtle), so being a walking billboard will be payment enough. I would rather sell books than shirts!

I thought the round icon of the controller would be cool on its own — a generic shirt that says “I am a gamer” that also happened to mean “So, I wrote this book…” when I was wearing it. Then Kat said “no, I have a better idea” and made it cooler. You can get them in any color, too — your call as to whatever looks best. Just note that the text on the back (“Nobody cares if you can save the princess”) is light blue, so whatever you choose should contrast well with that.

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