Critical Path is available now

by Dan on February 21, 2012

Those are the best five words I’ve written in a long time!

The interview and announcement story through Vox Games is up now, so I can finally speak freely. The book is currently available in two different formats, with a third to follow:

  • Amazon Kindle in six different territories: USUKItalyFranceGermany, and Spain. (The book text is still just in English, though.)
  • Paperback at CreateSpace, with an link to follow in about a week

The iBook edition is coming, hopefully within a week; I’m just waiting for Apple to approve the file.

I had trouble getting to sleep last night. Partly because I was concerned about those last-minute things, and partly because of the anticipation. Some of the comments from people in the press who got a sneak peek have been extremely positive, even more than I expected. I am simply hoping more people feel the same way when they read it.

Meanwhile, I can now show this short video that Kat put together for me:

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