Connecting with a Bitmobber

by Dan on March 29, 2012

Found this very nice Bitmob blog and it really made me very proud. I wrote this book for a few reasons, but two of them were to encourage people who were serious about trying to review games for a living, and to discourage the people who were not. It’s the old signal-to-noise analogy; if we can weed out the people who have misconceptions or poor reasons for seeking this line of work (greed, ego, agenda, whatever) and better arm the people who have pure intentions, then we can actually start to elevate the quality standard and improve the reputation of the whole thing. When I read this blog, I immediately thought, here’s someone who gets it. I mean, obviously, it’s very flattering to me, but beyond that — it’s clear that this is a person who was looking for the kind of advice I was trying to offer and it connected. Just seeing that connection makes me very, very happy.

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